The developers’ and designers’ best friend has let these pros get rid of hectic coding schedules and that best friend is coaster CMS. It does not need to be coded at any stage unless you badly want to. Coaster CMS has been built upon on laravel 5 blade system to make it very easy to track record of pages and is based on templating model. These content blocks are customizable very easily and can be used for multipurpose contents.

Coaster CMS has most powerful features for cutting up and developing static HTML5 templates and of course very much compelling and highly effective pages in real time. These blocks can be given either a theme wide or design templates separately. This has also given coaster cms responsiveness while developing a fresh website. That is the reasons the customization of blocks and templates becomes very easy. The menus and sub-menus could be used at any level and in any number with just a single code and the all contents can be managed from admin panel of coaster CMS.

Before the release of coaster CMS to develop a bespoke form was a headache and but with coaster cms within a new site you can create or edit your templates in a split minute. There are some important features that can still be used like checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-downs for selection and text inputs. You can see within an admin panel all the submitted forms sent through an email.
The most important feature of coaster CMS is that it comes with full SEO inputs done already that can automatically produce XML sitemap of all the pages on your site without doing any manual job or using plugins.

If you want documentation for that you can get it here.

Harness Time And Space With Coaster CMS & Add Context to Your Content

Why Was Coaster Designed?
Complex Contents: Coaster was developed to be flexible to deal with complex contents. These complex contents can be simplified with this content management system.

Space Adjustment
Beacons can be managed easily to broadcast URLs with the promotion of information and the locations can also be managed very well.

Time Management
The user can easily particularize time when the web pages to be displayed and the job is so simple just like adding a calendar with Coaster CMS.

Features of Coaster Content Management System

  • Unique repeater block for flexible websites
  • Very developer friendly
  • Absolutely perfect choice for blogging
  • Very much secure
  • Beacon compatibility
  • Time friendly CMS
  • SEO friendly
  • Composer compatibility
  • Has OOP framework
  • A huge number of menus
  • Very simplified user interface
  • Single file manager
  • Simple publishing systm
  • Contains contact form
  • Content blocks enabled design
  • Easy page management