Commercial Clone Scripts

LinkedIn Clone, LinkedIn Clone Script from NCrypted

LinkedIn Clone by NCrypted

NCrypted | PHP | Commercial | LinkedIn

If you are looking to create a LinkedIn like website then you can use this LinkedIn clone script site to create your own professional network. This LinkedIn clone site is easy to use and provides the users an interface that is well made and easy to understand. One of the best LinkedIn clones that will […]

Softbiz SEO Job board Software Monster clone

Job Board Software | PHP | Commercial | Monster

This is another clone of and provides the same services as Monster job portal. Users can post jobs and look for the right candidate to perform that job for them. Whereas many people looking for jobs can find a job that suits them best through this job portal clone script site called Job […]

Inout CareerLamp - Popular PHP Monster clone

Inout Career Lamp

Inout Scripts | PHP | Commercial | Monster

If you are looking for a clone script then Inout Career Lamp job portal website script would be a great choice. Built in PHP, this website script helps you create a job posting website similar to which enables users to create jobs and candidates to apply and search for jobs that match their […]

Rental Software Online Booking Calendar Reservation System SalesIgniter Netflix clone

Sales Igniter

SalesIgniter Software | PHP | Commercial | Netflix | Newsvine

This is a  clone of Netflix that is serving many different purposes other than media and entertainment. Users can buy, sell or rent anything they like by using the services of this Netflix clone website. This is an eCommerce based clone script that is efficient and will make millions of users use your services, subscribe […]

Omegle Clone

Omegle Clone | PHP | Commercial | Omegle

Omegle clone script provides you to interact with people through chat. That is what they call Talk to Strangers, a person who visits the website can talk to any person who is using the same website. Create your own Omegle like chat service and make your name. The chat service indicates how many people are […]

PasteBox 1_2 I NuLLFiX Scripts - pastebin scripplr clone


NullFiX | PHP | Commercial | PasteBin | Snipplr

This is a clone website of that allows the same functions as that of PasteBin i.e., allows Internet users to copy and paste text online that is available for a pre-defined period of time.

CAMPARISON FOCUS, PriceGrabber, PriceRunner, Shopzilla clone

AxisITP Price Comparison Script

AXISTP Price Comparison is the clone of PriceRunner site. This site is professionally made and based on the price comparison feature which makes it highly unique. Create your own price comparison website like PriceRunner and earn by letting users advertise products/services on your website. The website is well scripted and made in PHP and is […]

Reverse Bidding System Elance, Freelancer, Guru, oDesk, VWorker clone


Cogzidel Technologies | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer | oDesk

RBS is short for Reverse Bidding System. Its a bidding system basically that helps you create your own platform where bidders or freelancers (who may be contractors, sub contractors, procurement, service providers, designers or web developers) can bid on a project when a buyer posts a job or project. The sellers or freelancers can also […]

WordPress Themes I Website Templates I Create a Website ThemeForest

WordPress – Themeforest Clone

PicoTheme team | PHP | Commercial | ThemeForest

This is a ThemeForest WordPress theme that is one of the easiest to use ThemeForest clone WordPress site out there. Any user can buy or sell their products on this WordPress ThemeForest clone site and make a good earning.

Marketplace script themeforest clone script

ThemeClone Script v.2

Amexi inc. | PHP | Commercial | ThemeForest

This is probably one of the best ThemeForest clones in the market. The site provoides an awesome environment and all the options that a marketplace provides to its users. The front end as well as the back end work equally better and makes it easier for the user as well as site manager to work […]