Free Clone Scripts

Files - ownCloud dropbox clone script

ownCloud | PHP | Free | Open Source | Dropbox

ownCloud is another great free and open source file sharing and syncing platform. This allows you to share your files over the Internet with anyone, that includes your employees, workstation etc.

Seacloud dropbox clone script

Seafile | Javascript | Python | Free | Open Source | Dropbox

Seafile offers a free and open source safe and secure means of private file storage. This is a free Dropbox clone that allows users to create a smooth file storage system that creates file libraries that can be accessed easily. Users can password protect their file libraries and the password won’t be disclosed even to […]

fortysquires foursquares clone script


An open source, HTML5 based free to use clone script of the famous Foursquare. This allows users to check-in to places, create their list of favorite places and find other interesting places to visit nearby.

Shaken and Stirred Themes Pinterest clone

Shaken Grid – Lite – WordPress Theme | PHP | Free | Open Source | Pinterest

If you are looking for a free open source Pinterest clone site to make your own then here it is for you. This is a great way to share your interests with everyone. The beautiful layout makes it an appealing website that looks like Pinterest. Pick a style and create your own image sharing free […]

Social Bookmarking Script sharethis addthis clone

Social Bookmarking Script | Javascript | PHP | Free | Open Source | AddThis | ShareThis

This is a ShareThis AddThis clone script site that gives you the same service as that of those two social sharing bookmarking site. Create your own content sharing bookmarking system for free sing Social Bookmarking script. Keep a track of your online bookmarks and never lose them. This also gives you the benefit of finding […]


Mahara | PHP | Free | Open Source | LinkedIn

Mahara is a free online application that will help professionals create an online portfolio. Do what you like, create your own blogs, share files, share resources from the internet, make other professional connections and connect with groups of similar interests.

Moodle - Open-source learning platform I Moodle_org

Moodle | PHP | Free | Open Source | LinkedIn

Moodle is an open source, free to use LinkedIn clone script that allows you to create a socially managed and used Learning Management System or a Virtual Learning Environment. This web application helps you manage and run your own online educational websites so this serves the purpose well. Create your own free educational website or […]

Demo Open Classifieds Gumtree OLX clone script

Open Classifieds

Open Classifieds | PHP | Free | Open Source | Backpage | Gumtree | OLX | Quikr

Create your own free classified ads site with the help of this Open Classifieds ad web software that is a clone of sites like Gumtree, Quikr, Craiglist and Backpage.

Rnews newsvine clone


GNU | PHP | Free | Newsvine

Rnews is the clone site of Newsvine that provides a free open source code news tracking tool that is available for use by anyone. This Newsvine clone script can be hosted by any operating system so anyone can use it.

PASTE demo - pastebin scripplr clone

Paste | PHP | Free | Open Source | PasteBin | Snipplr

Paste is a free open source clone of that allows users to create custom templates and password protect their texts and easily manage their data online. The interface and whole setup is easy to configure and maintain. One of the best scripts to come free.