Open Source Clone Scripts

Gitorious github-free-open-source-clone


Shortcut AS | Ruby | Free | Open Source | GitHub

If you are looking for a GitHub clone site then this is the one for you. Gitorious will help you create a website where Git can be hosted through safe and secure means. In-line editing and user interaction makes this a perfect Github clone. Also, its free to use and open source.

GitLab - Open Source Git Management Software

Gitlab | Ruby | Free | Open Source | GitHub

This is a free GitHub clone script that allows users to self host Git management through a fast, safe and secure channel. It is based on Ruby on Rails and Gitolite that makes it very convenient to use.

Identi_ca twitter clone


StatusNet | PHP | Python | Free | Open Source | Twitter

StatusNet is another open source free microblogging server that helps you create a microblogging site like Twitter free. This is built with PHP and helps communities and people interact with each other through this platform. Communities, individuals and others have the freedom to install and manage all their data while using this powerful social engine.

P2 _ Faster Blogging

P2 – WordPress Theme

Automattic | PHP | Free | Open Source | Twitter

P2 is a WordPress theme that is like a Twitter clone site that helps you create a super awesome blog out of a simple blog. This helps you create inline comments, to create posts from a form on the homepage of the site, inline post editing and real time updates etc. Best thing is that […]

Sharetronix - Welcome to Sharetronix Community - community_sharetronix_com

Sharetronix | PHP | Free | Open Source | Twitter

This is a free open source Twitter clone script that will help you create your own Twitter like site. This system is easy to install and use and is very user friendly and keeps your site secure with the help of firewall.  

Question2Answer Q&A


Create your own community based question answers site similar to StackOverflow or Yahoo Answers. This is one of the most popular sites question answers script that has been used by 5,664 sites until now.

Coordino - Home - A FREE PHP StackOverflow Clone - coordino_com

Coordino Question Answers Site Script

Create your own free customized questions and answers site with the help of this open source Coordino script.

OSQA I The Open Source Q&A Syste - www_osqa_net


This is a free and open source question answers site script system that has been made in Python. This provides a free clone to all those looking to creating their own questions answers site like Yahoo! Answers.