PHP Clone Scripts

Inout HelloBird ChatRoulette clone script

Inout HelloBird

InoutScripts | PHP | Commercial | Chatroulette

This is a very user friendly, easy to use chat platform that allows users to do a chat using their webcams in a flexible environment.

CamChat - Chatroulette Clone Script

CamChat | PHP | Commercial | Chatroulette

This is a good quality, affordable Chatroulette clone script that allows you to create a webcam website that will allow users to chat to random users online. This Chatroulette script uses the latest Adobe Stratus peer to peer technology, so say goodbye to the need of a media server.

VideoWhisper Chat Roulette Clone Script

VideoWhisper | PHP | Commercial | Chatroulette

VideoWhisper Chat Roulette is a clone site of Chatroulette that allows users to create their own video chat website in a very short time. Create a one to one video chat website that can connect random people and allow them to chat by video online. The main features include signing up through Facebook, PHP built, […]

PinBoard Theme - Pinterest Clone

PinBoard Pinterest Clone | PHP | Commercial | Pinterest

If you are looking to create a Pinterest site of your own then you must. Use this Pinterest clone script to create your own Pinterest site. Pintastic is a great site with features the same as Pinterest. This Pinterest clone script helps you create your own robust Pinterest site at a very competitive price. Based […]

Pintastic meta pinterest cloone script

PIntastic – More than a PInterest clone script | PHP | Commercial | Pinterest

Create your own Pinterest like website using PIntastic Pinterest clone script. This provides the same functionality with some unique features that will help you earn money as well own the site. This site is very fast and provides features like paid memberships, featured pins and statuses etc. Users can purchase these features using PayPal. The […]

iPin Pro I Wordpress Pinterest Clone

iPin Pro – WordPress Theme

Genkisan | PHP | Commercial | Pinterest

A great way to create your own Pinterest clone site that will make users visit your site again and again. Awesome user driven site and great features make the site even more interesting.  

Flippy LinkShare Pinterest clone script

flippyFlippy LinkShare

FlippyScripts | PHP | Commercial | Pinterest

If you are looking for a neat and clean Pinterest clone script site then this is the one for you. Create an interesting image sharing social site that will help you get name, fame and money. Create a niche based or interest based image sharing site like Pinterest without having any programming knowledge. Enjoy!

Pinboarding Pro Pinterest clone

Pinboarding Pro

Pinterestclones.Com | PHP | Commercial | Pinterest

As the name suggests this is a Pinterest clone script site that allows users to create a image sharing network where users can create pins, share them, create boards and allow others to interact with them on the social network.

Social Pinboard Pinterest clone

Social Pinboard | PHP | Commercial | Pinterest

Social Pinboard script is one of the closest to Pinterest clone script and is one of the best choice to buy if you are looking to create your own image sharing social network. This site allows you to create a user-friendly that will drive you lots of traffic because of the features in this site […]

idev-Affiliates Demo __ idev-affiliates cj clone script

iDev-Affiliates | PHP | Commercial | CJ

This is a CJ clone scripts that is used in websites to create an affiliate system that is run using PayPal. Built in PHP, the system tracks orders, affiliate referrals, sales made, commissions achieved, user registration, affiliate payments and tracks the website on basis of affiliates.