PHP Clone Scripts

Music Search Engine Script beemp3 clone script

Flippy Volume | PHP | Commercial | BeeMp3

Flippy Volume allows you to create your own music search engine within a matter of minutes. It provides users with a search engine to track down their favourite song, amongst thousands of available songs. It requires almost no ongoing maintenance, just set it up and let it go.

AV Arcade miniclip yahoo arcade clone


AVArcade is one of the best arcade scripts out there. This PHP-based CMS script gives you lots of options to create a modern gaming website. Through great looking templates from or, AVArcvade can help you easily create a fantastic arcade website.

Nexus Arcade Script miniclip yahoo arcade clones

Nexus Arcade

Nexus Script | PHP | Commercial | MiniClip | Yahoo Arcade

Developed by Nexus Script, this 100% unencrypted script is completely customisable to give you, and your users, a fantastic experience. It contains all the features you need to run a successful arcade site including traffic trading and a great UI, all built in.

FunGames24_net miniclip clone script


MyArcadePlugin | PHP | Commercial | MiniClip | Yahoo Arcade

MyArcadePlugIn transforms a mundane WordPress blog into a fantastic gaming portal. With over 50,000 games available to users in a matter of minutes. MyArcadePlugin is much more than just a run-of-the-mill WP Arcade Plugin, it’s a complete solution.

Play Free Online Games I StartGameSite miniclip yahooarcade clone script

OGSS Online Gaming Site Script

StartGameSite | PHP | Commercial | MiniClip | Yahoo Arcade

Without any coding or scripting experience you can, within minutes, start your own gaming website, thanks to this Miniclip clone script. You can even add your favourite Flash games manually. Easy to install and easy to manage, OGSS Online allows you to earn money with advertising banners and increase shared advertising revenues through Google Adsense and […]

OneNews I The Smashing News Aggregator Theme alltop clone wordpress

OneNews (WordPress)

Ericulous.Com | PHP | Commercial | Alltop | PopUrls

This is a WordPress specific news aggregator that keeps track of all the popular events happening on millions of their sites. You can create unlimited pages of news (clone of Alltop) and have unlimited, self-updating pages that incorporate your targeted keyword. No maintenance time required.

RssGeni - RSS Feed Aggregator - Worlds Latest  news headlines Alltop clone script

RSSGeni | PHP | Commercial | Alltop | PopUrls

Alltop is a fantastic news aggregator that allows users to find the news stories that really interest them. Alltop collects the headlines of the latest news stories from the best websites and blogs around the world and turns them into individual web pages. Covering almost any topic you can imagine, Alltop is like having a […]

DropInn-3_0 airbnb clone script


Cogzidel Technologies | PHP | Commercial | Airbnb

DropInn is an Airbnb clone but offers a much more innovative solution. It has been designed to create you a beautiful virtual marketplace for people to find rental accommodation. It connects those looking for space, with those offering it, DropInn makes this process easy and straightforward.

airbnb clone

Air Hotels – Magento extension | PHP | Commercial | Airbnb

This Airbnb clone allows you to create an online vacation rental booking service to connect people who want to rent accommodation, with those looking to monetise the extra spaces they have available. Using this fantastic script, you can have your vacation rental website up and running in just a few hours.

agriya burrow airbnb clone script

Airbnb Clone Script

Agriya | PHP | Commercial | Airbnb

Airbnb is a hugely successful service that provides an online platform to connect those with accommodation available for rent, with those wanting to rent it. Developed by Agriya, Airbnb clone script and rental software allows anyone with extra space to rent it out to those on vacation. They can book their accommodation in advance, giving thousands, […]