PHP Clone Scripts

CAMPARISON FOCUS, PriceGrabber, PriceRunner, Shopzilla clone

AxisITP Price Comparison Script

AXISTP Price Comparison is the clone of PriceRunner site. This site is professionally made and based on the price comparison feature which makes it highly unique. Create your own price comparison website like PriceRunner and earn by letting users advertise products/services on your website. The website is well scripted and made in PHP and is […]

Reverse Bidding System Elance, Freelancer, Guru, oDesk, VWorker clone


Cogzidel Technologies | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer | oDesk

RBS is short for Reverse Bidding System. Its a bidding system basically that helps you create your own platform where bidders or freelancers (who may be contractors, sub contractors, procurement, service providers, designers or web developers) can bid on a project when a buyer posts a job or project. The sellers or freelancers can also […]

WordPress Themes I Website Templates I Create a Website ThemeForest

WordPress – Themeforest Clone

PicoTheme team | PHP | Commercial | ThemeForest

This is a ThemeForest WordPress theme that is one of the easiest to use ThemeForest clone WordPress site out there. Any user can buy or sell their products on this WordPress ThemeForest clone site and make a good earning.

Marketplace script themeforest clone script

ThemeClone Script v.2

Amexi inc. | PHP | Commercial | ThemeForest

This is probably one of the best ThemeForest clones in the market. The site provoides an awesome environment and all the options that a marketplace provides to its users. The front end as well as the back end work equally better and makes it easier for the user as well as site manager to work […]

Chevereto image sharing tinypic imageshack clone script

Chevereto | PHP | Commercial | ImageShack | Photobucket | TinyPic

Chevereto is an image sharing TinyPic like site that is made n PHP. You can upload images on your own server without any restrictions.  

Image hosting script

Image Nuke

ImageNuke | PHP | Commercial | Photobucket | TinyPic

Create your own image sharing TinyPic clone site in just a few minutes by using this image hosting script site. You don’t have to have any expertise of a web developer because the site installation is very simple.

CF Image Host - Free PHP Image Host script clone site

CF Image Hosting Script | PHP | Free | GPL | ImageShack | Photobucket | TinyPic

CF Image Host helps you create your own free image sharing site. Built in PHP this site helps enable thumbnails and create social bookmarking links too, which makes it a very fancy free image sharing and hosting site.

photo host script - Free Image Hosting

Photo Host Script | PHP | Commercial | ImageShack | Photobucket

This is a Photobucket clone website script that allows you to create an image hosting site of your own. The site allows to add features similar to TinyPic, Image Shack and Photobucket. Create an image hosting website that will allow you to host images uploaded by other people.

Identi_ca twitter clone


StatusNet | PHP | Python | Free | Open Source | Twitter

StatusNet is another open source free microblogging server that helps you create a microblogging site like Twitter free. This is built with PHP and helps communities and people interact with each other through this platform. Communities, individuals and others have the freedom to install and manage all their data while using this powerful social engine.

P2 _ Faster Blogging

P2 – WordPress Theme

Automattic | PHP | Free | Open Source | Twitter

P2 is a WordPress theme that is like a Twitter clone site that helps you create a super awesome blog out of a simple blog. This helps you create inline comments, to create posts from a form on the homepage of the site, inline post editing and real time updates etc. Best thing is that […]