Open Source PHP Email Marketing Script our email marketing software full feature is most powerful script in the usage of sending all in solution for both Email and SMS, Open Source PHP Email Marketing Script suitable to send SMS mail for any kind of the industrial, day to day every communication became through mail or SMS and it will be one of the complete solutions to this.

Digital world hooks up with only depends on the transmission of data to by the SMS or mail form the another so there is a more demand for this script. PHP Mass Mail Script is the ultimate return of profit in this business to start within the short period time, email campaign marketing script can be used by sending the request by admin and to start with the registration then can get the SMS or Email how much they need it.

Email and SMS Script the user can add the contact database to the file easily within the unique group and raise the ticket to the admin to know the status of a process, users can also manage their count control the users under, them with separate admin panel efficiently. Also, user can assign their email and SMS count to the user under them.

Admin can see the status ticket that is processed and delivered and pending or closed and produces the invoice to it, admin to give the separate SMS gateway and service provider plan each other. PHP Mass Mail Script 4 different types of secure payment gateway are available for the user to pay an admin can send the newsletters to the user.

The bulk of mail to sender PHP script also can schedule the SMS to send automatically which has prepared to be prior to the occasion of meeting or appointment and bulk email marketing software is very easy to access the two, admin and user without any technical knowledge.

PHP Mass Mail Script we are offered one-year technical support and we offered one-year technical support 6 months continue to update for the free installation, brand free for all of our product. Past 14 years we are surviving with this industry we can give assurance for 10 years of support.