Wink is the most desired platform for developers who want to create a similar site like medium or next tech crunch. It gives writers a platform to write and present content with style. Wink has been built on world’s top PHP framework Laravel, that makes it easy for anyone to install and manage it easily on any cloud platform.

100% Open-source Built On Laravel And 100% Customizable

Wink has been developed serve the demand for modern publishing platform which is carefully designed to only adhere to and contain that is essential. It is based on highly reliable and customizable PHP framework, Laravel, which gives everyone ease to install and maintain it.

Two highly reputable experts Frank and Karen tried to look out for a platform with its own uniqueness. They already knew and had observed publishing platforms such as WordPress, Ghost, Medium, and dozens of others that which had their own odds and evens that they had shone through. But the slackness lingered along those platforms.

A Platform That Lets Author Own His Content

A very simplistic blog that can be easily hosted on small digital ocean droplet. However, the simplicity of Medium is unquestionably great owning your content is an issue and controlling the depth of how it needs to be displayed and distributed. Ghost is an other platform that has swayed this genre with beautiful interface and powerful features that you can even host on your own server. But installing Ghost requires a lot of Node.js knowledge that one cannot do without.

The Invention of Wink

Many people want medium to be open source or Ghost should have been built using Laravel for starting a website like TechCrunch, and it is where Wink got its impetus to shape internet surfers lives. The developer of Wink, Mohammed used to work on Laravel and he built this amazing writing platform Wink.

The developer of Wink says, “My name is Mohamed Said, and I work at Laravel. I built Wink because I wanted to re-invent the wheel and make it work exactly like I want.”

Open Invitation to All Developers

The developer of Wink says,

“If you’re a PHP/Laravel developer who’s searching for a modern PHP-based publishing platform, join me in building one.”

How does Wink works?

Wink is solely built on Laravel with its own neat interface and authorization system. Everyone can easily install it into already started project just like you would install Telescope or Horizon. The UI of Wink lets you quickly manage posts, pages, tags, and authors in one quick go.

The Editor Box of Wink

The editor box of wink is absolutely WYSIWYG as Medium’s with the bubble menu editing options for authors to do formatting and edit the content in various beautiful ways. It easily allows you to add links, quotes, headings, lists, and all that is essential.

Not only has those but you can easily embed images, dividers, and plain HTML to be used in the post. The HTML embedding lets you grab and add YouTube videos, twitter tweets and Instagram posts or literally anything. On the other hand if you want to add one of your own images you can upload it and if you want to use free images Unsplash is also included for HD free images.

Editing Post in Wink

In your post in Wink you can easily assign tags and make use of various post aspects.

Content Display And Curation Control at Wink

One of the rare features that are missing on almost most of the blogging platforms is over displaying your content from the beginning to the end user. The Wink stores the content in your own database that you have configured that could be used by you by extracting from the database to any other community built themes or even you can design your own favorite theme from the scratch with Blade CSS framework of your own choice.