Allrecipes Clone Scripts is a global social networking service and forum headquartered in Seattle, WA, which encourages users to post recipes, comment on and make changes to existing recipes and search for specific recipes. In addition, it allows users to create recipe blogs, vote on pictures of finished dishes, and receive awards based on their submissions and results. Users become part of the community by reviewing and commenting on other people’s food-related blogs, pictures and recipes. As of 2010, was the most-visited online community for food and cooking, with over 16 million visitors per month and more than 40,000 available recipes.

All users may search and read the site’s content, but only logged-in, registered members may post recipes, write blogs, add pictures, or write reviews. Registration is free which provides users with basic functions. A paid “Pro Membership” is required for users to connect to each other, customize recipes, and other features. Wikipedia


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Recipes Script Share Recipes And Get Revenue Sharing

Recipes Script | PHP | Commercial | Allrecipes

This is a high class recipe sharing website that will earn you great money as well. Make money by creating your own food and recipe sharing website where your members can earn by sharing their recipes. You can let them pay by revenue sharing feature and you can get the recipes, traffic as well as revenue […]

Food Ordering Script I Just Eat & Grubhub Clone Script

Online Food Ordering Software – Just Eat & Grubhub Clone

Roamsoft Technologies | Javascript | PHP | Commercial | Allrecipes

This AllRecipes, GrubHub clone website script is used to create your own online food business website where customers can order food from your restaurant online. This food management and invoice generating software system allows GPRS pin integration feature as well as payment gateway so your customers can also make the payment easily.

Mapa Recipes allrecipes clone script

MaPa Recipes

pecili | PHP | Commercial | Allrecipes

Create your own recipe sharing website where you can share your own food recipes, cooking tips and other ideas, tips and tricks related to foods. The main features include creating unlimited categories and sub-categories, easy to use admin panel, editing and deleting categories etc. the site is also search engine friendly and SEO optimization helps […]

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