A free question and answer script by laravel is the best thing when you are looking for quora clone scrip or its competitors. Voted best by laravel community using advanced laravel, material design, x-editable, jQuery Upvote and email notification.

The registered users can easily submit questions, answer questions, vote on questions & answers and when a question is answered the author gets a notification via email. The users too get notified about votes, but only visible in the their profile.
Powered by laravel, QnA the real jag is an best substitute to yahoo answers we can say yahoo answers best clone script to date.

Some Noticeable Features

Instant Email Notification – As soon as a question is answered, an instant email is sent to that guy.
Instant Database Update- As soon as a question is upvoted the browser is notified.
Mobile Friendly UI – Very responsive with column ordering!
SEO Friendly URLs – You can remove stop words from the string.


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This qna free laravel script which a clone of quora is the best bet for the aspirants. You will be thrilled to see it as it comes with zero fees.