Yahoo! Answers Clone Scripts

Yahoo Answers is a community based website that let users ask questions and get answers from different users. The person who posted the question can rate the best answer, reply to the answerers and choose a category of his/her choice. Create your own Yahoo Answers site with a different purpose using the collection of Yahoo Answers clone scripts that we have sorted out.

The Real Jag – Free Laravel Opensource QnA Script

TheRealJag | PHP | Free | Open Source | Quora | Yahoo! Answers

A free question and answer script by laravel is the best thing when you are looking for quora clone scrip or its competitors. Voted best by laravel community using advanced laravel, material design, x-editable, jQuery Upvote and email notification. The registered users can easily submit questions, answer questions, vote on questions & answers and when […]

Question & Answer WordPress Theme

enginethemes | PHP | Commercial | Quora | Yahoo! Answers

QAEngine can help you create a fully functional Q&A WordPress website with a neat design and a user-focused experience. WAEngine also the best fitting Quora clone. You can create amazing website like Quora.  Key Features The Best Yahoo Answers clone script which can be your next digital  mantra! Incredibly suitable design and community interaction. Users […]

Ask Expert Script, Questions and Answer Clone

i-Net Solution | PHP | Commercial | Yahoo! Answers

Our Ask Expert Script is turn-key solution to start a community driven question and answer website. It enables you to build a rigid platform for the users to share their knowledge and post unlimited questions and answers belonging to any category what so ever. We have in-built modern features and can ensure you that your […]

Questions Answers Script – phpSoftPro

Powerful question and answer script written in PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Main features: Templates are fully customizable with Smarty template engine, unlimited number of categories and subcategories, SEO friendly pages, rating system, comments system, RSS feeds, Facebook signup / signin and more.

Question2Answer Q&A


Create your own community based question answers site similar to StackOverflow or Yahoo Answers. This is one of the most popular sites question answers script that has been used by 5,664 sites until now.

Coordino - Home - A FREE PHP StackOverflow Clone - coordino_com

Coordino Question Answers Site Script

Create your own free customized questions and answers site with the help of this open source Coordino script.

OSQA I The Open Source Q&A Syste - www_osqa_net


This is a free and open source question answers site script system that has been made in Python. This provides a free clone to all those looking to creating their own questions answers site like Yahoo! Answers.

- Anova - anova_demo_agriya_com

Anova Question Answers Yahoo Clone PHP Script

This is a Yahoo Answers script site that contains a large number of questions and you have to find the answers to them. This is a fun site as it challenges people to test their knowledge and answer the questions that many people don’t know the answer of. This is a great knowledge based site […]

Answer Script - demo_answerscript_com

Answer Yahoo Answers Clone Script

A user friendly, fully customizable and user driven questions answers clone script that can be considered one of the most popular and highly recommended Yahoo Answers clone script on the Internet. This script has been made in Ajax and the overall features and site performance is awesome.

mapa yahoo answers clone script

MaPa Answers Yahoo Answers Script

This script allows you to create a questions and answers website of your own within a short time. Make your users ask questions and allow others to answer them on this Yahoo Answers script clone site.

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