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Aldo – Gutenberg Blog WordPress Theme

ThemeRex | PHP | Commercial | Answers | BuzzFeed

A very clean and absolutely fresh WordPress blog which is based on Gutenberg page developer. It is fit for post blogging, viral blogging, rouge, giver, giveaways, guides and any how to blog development. Not only that business, cryptocurrency, professional, writers and world news as well. There is more to that aldo gutenberg blog wordpress theme […]

Askme Pro Script

ASoft | PHP | Commercial | Answers

☆☆ AskMe Pro is an expert knowledge management system that allows site owners to setup an expert advice service similar to highly popular sites like Quora and StackOverflow. The reason why these expert advice sites are gaining huge popularity is because such online sources allows a web user to ask questions and get answers from […]

Flippy ShoutIt – Bookmark Sharing Script

Flippy Scripts | PHP | Commercial | Answers | Digg

Flippy ShoutIt enables you to create an amazing and effective social booking marking site in any niche or multiple niches. We toke bits and pieces from top social bookmarking sites like dig and reddit to create this cool software. It takes less than 10 minutes to setup and run your own bookmarking site with Flippy […]

Flippy My Life Stories – Fmylife Clone Script

Flippy Scripts | PHP | Commercial | Answers | Other

Would you like to create a everyday story website just like It’s only take less than 5 minutes create a website similar to with Flippy My Life Stories. Flippy My Life Stories comes packed with amazing out of the box features. Read below to find out more about this amazing web script and […]

Question2Answer Q&A


Create your own community based question answers site similar to StackOverflow or Yahoo Answers. This is one of the most popular sites question answers script that has been used by 5,664 sites until now.

Coordino - Home - A FREE PHP StackOverflow Clone - coordino_com

Coordino Question Answers Site Script

Create your own free customized questions and answers site with the help of this open source Coordino script.

OSQA I The Open Source Q&A Syste - www_osqa_net


This is a free and open source question answers site script system that has been made in Python. This provides a free clone to all those looking to creating their own questions answers site like Yahoo! Answers.

Answer Script - demo_answerscript_com

Answer Yahoo Answers Clone Script

A user friendly, fully customizable and user driven questions answers clone script that can be considered one of the most popular and highly recommended Yahoo Answers clone script on the Internet. This script has been made in Ajax and the overall features and site performance is awesome.

mapa yahoo answers clone script

MaPa Answers Yahoo Answers Script

This script allows you to create a questions and answers website of your own within a short time. Make your users ask questions and allow others to answer them on this Yahoo Answers script clone site.

Flippy Answers

Flippy Answers – Questions and Answers Script Clone Site

FlippyScripts | PHP | Commercial | Answers | Yahoo! Answers

Create your own question and answers site within no more than 10 minutes. Easy to customize and manage this question and answers clone script will help you build a website that will amaze the community and do you wonders. Flippy Answers will help you put up a questions answers site with as many categories as […]

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