Freelancer Clone Scripts is an online marketplace where employers post jobs and projects and bidders or freelancers bid on those projects. The employer chooses the winning bidder who is then awarded the project along with a set budget.


Freelancer Clone Script from NCrypted Websites

NCrypted Websites | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer

Freelancer Clone from NCrypted Websites is the most powerful and updated Freelance Open Source PHP Script available in the internet market, through the open source PHP Script you can easily customize your clone website as per your business requirements and this script is also device friendly which means fully responsive and economic script.

Coroflot clone script – Getlancer Jobs

Agriya | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer

Job listing as a task based on freelancing platform has been made so effortless by the Coroflot clone, getlancer jobs created by Agriya. It provides great assistance to every entrepreneur in the development of job listing websites their own. By using this coroflot clone, employers can list their jobs and get a favourable reply from […]

Freelancer Clone

NCrypted Websites | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer

Planning to build worthy freelance marketplace like Freelancer Clone then NCrypted is ready to help you. You can choose readymade Freelancer Clone Script or you can also get implemented your niche market ideas to manufacture customize Freelancer Clone.

Freelancer clone script – Getlancer Bidding

Agriya | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer

Freelancer clones of multiple kinds are available in our market these days. Among them Agriya’s Getlancer freelance bidding script is typical, and most useful. All the qualities of a Freelancer clone, perhaps many valuable features in addition are made available in Agriya’s Getlancer freelance bidding template. It offers immense options for employers for listing their […]

Freelancer Clone Script

PHP Scripts Mall | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer

Freelancer Clone Script facilitates service buyers to post their buying requirements and the service providers to place their best bids in order to get the job. It is powered by the PHP/Mysql combination, designed with all integrated tools useful for rapid deployment of a viable solution for freelance auction script. Guru Script Clone easy to […]

Freelancer Marketplace

ScriptGiant | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer

Freelancer marketplace script is considered to be the best marketplace software that can create your own freelancer marketplace. Through the help of this platform the project owners can post their project requirements and hire freelancers to get their work done within a fixed time and budget. The software helps to create a freelance marketplace community […]

Bidonn Elance Freelancer clone


Sathick | PHP | GPL | Elance | Freelancer

Bidonn is a free and premium open source php auction script and reverse auction software which seems to be a freelancer clone, elance clone, ebay clone, etc. This script comes with many great features and a low price.

Odesk Clone


Scriptgiant | PHP | Commercial | Elance | Freelancer | oDesk

Odesk is an online freelance website where employers post projects and freelancers create their profiles and bid on projects to get paid as a reward for the work done. Create your own Odesk website and get the best Odesk clone on the Internet. This is a nicely built Odesk clone website script to help you […]

Reverse Bidding System Elance, Freelancer, Guru, oDesk, VWorker clone


Cogzidel Technologies | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer | oDesk

RBS is short for Reverse Bidding System. Its a bidding system basically that helps you create your own platform where bidders or freelancers (who may be contractors, sub contractors, procurement, service providers, designers or web developers) can bid on a project when a buyer posts a job or project. The sellers or freelancers can also […]

getlancer Elance, Freelancer, Guru, oDesk, VWorker clone

GetLancer | PHP | Commercial | Freelancer | oDesk

GetLancer is a clone script to create a site like Freelancer, eLance and Guru etc. Create your own project posting and bidding site with the help of this Freelancer clone script marketplace software. You don’t have to look for Guru clone script, Freelancer clone script or eLance clone script anymore when you have this […]

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