Kickstarter Clone Scripts

If you are looking for funds to kickstart your creative project that is lacking funds or you think you are a creative genius and need funds for music, film, drama,



Hiddy – Instant Mobile Messaging App

Send free texts, audio and video messages from your phone. Collaborate in a easy way with your families & friends using this ultimate chat application. Create your own channels using this mobile messaging app clone and engage your audiences around the world. Built with advanced message encryption and enhanced voice and video quality. Send money, […]

Crowdfunding Software | Fundraising Software

i-Net Solution | PHP | Commercial | GoFundMe | Kickstarter

Start your own Crowdfunding Website that allows people to raise money for events by using our Crowdfunding Software with latest technology. Crowdfunding script is perfect place for those community or group who are wanted to initiate own crowdfunding campaign. This software helps to companies, individuals and the entrepreneur to set up their own crowdfunding platform […]

Fundraising Software

NCrypted Websites | Javascript | Commercial | GoFundMe | Kickstarter

With the help of fundraising software i.e. Fundraiser you can start your own crowdfunding business where you can invite donors to fund your project. Here you can post an unlimited number of projects and can raise fund from the crowd of investors. It is the best-customized script for entrepreneurs to start their own crowdfunding business […]

Kickstarter Clone Script

Dexterity Solution | Javascript | Commercial | GoFundMe | Kickstarter

A Kickstarter Clone Script by Dexterity Solution is for making your fundraising or crowdfunding web site, invite fundraisers, donors and backers from the group to assist fund member’s project(s). it’s a platform wherever folks from round the world will post comes to lift funds from crowds of investors. Kickstarter Script is a sophisticated and innovative […]

Donation software, Donation Script, Fundraising Software

Dexterity solution | Javascript | Commercial | Kickstarter

The Donation script concept is strengthening in the online crowdfunding business model. This script has been designed with heaps of features that assist entrepreneurs to run a full-fledged donation based fundraising business in a very short time period.

Crowdfunding Software

Clones Cloud | PHP | Commercial | Kickstarter

Using Kickstarter Clone script you can develop your crowdfunding startup business in finance industry with customized features as per niche business requirements and earn revenue from our FundForIdea platform.

Kick Starter clone script – i-Netsolution

i-Netsolution | PHP | Commercial | Indiegogo | Kickstarter

Our Readymade Crowd funding Script is developed for multi-utility purposes where you can launch your own donation based Fundraising Script website.


ProjectFundingScript is a crowdfunding script that utilizes the best features of Laravel framework to create a reliable platform for your own crowdfunding website similar to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme.

Fundraiser – Kickstarter Clone by NCrypted

NCrypted | PHP | Commercial | Kickstarter

Fundraiser ( NCrypted’s KickstarterClone) is most powerful fundraising software which allows your develop reward based crowdfunding platform and win fintech startup easily. This crowdfunding script enables you to customize your fundraising website as per your business model. Kickstarter Clone script comes with fruitful features of admin, backers and project creator with secure payment gateway.

Kickstarter Clone script by NCrypted

NCrypted | PHP | Commercial | Kickstarter

Kickstarter Clone Script is robust, scalable and user-friednly reward based crowdfunding script to develop your own fundraising or crowdfunding platform.

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