YouTube Clone Scripts

One of the most popular websites on the Internet, YouTube is a video sharing website where users upload videos and people can watch and share the videos for free.



PHP Video Streaming Script

StreamHash | PHP | Commercial | YouTube

PHP video streaming script allow users to view videos, rate videos and upload their own video to your video portal. StreamHash is a complete media sharing script with which you can develop a website catering to video sharing, photo or image sharing, audio sharing or can even use it for blogging.

Netflix Clone, Youtube Clone

StartStreaming Developers | PHP | Commercial | YouTube

StartStreaming – The best solution to start up a video streaming venture! Have you ever dreamt of starting a video streaming app or a website? Now you have the solution to make your dream come true. Start Streaming is a video streaming app that lets you post videos under categories, with amazing themes and features. […]

Video Share Enterprise

ASoft | PHP | Commercial | YouTube

☆☆ AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise is the ultimate solution for starting your youtube clone just like the big boys such as Youtube, Vimeo. Comes with Video Editor and Video Ads plugin and what’s more we now allow your members to share Audio and Photos as well. Video Share offers a powerful and feature rich solution […]

Video Community Portal Script, Video Sharing PHP Script

i-Net Solution | PHP | Commercial | YouTube

If you wish to start video community portal similar to the popular website like YouTube, then you can start with it right away by inserting our Video Community Portal Script.Our script is common video sharing place for not just the entertainment industry but also supports a myriad of categories such as sports, cooking, education, etc. […]

YouTube Clone

NCrypted Websites | PHP | Commercial | YouTube

Advanced YouTube Clone Script of NCrypted websites offers high end features and specialized functionalities so it is the best source for you to make sustainable video sharing portal.

Clipbucket v2 Demo - A way to broadcast yourself


ClipBucket is a free and open source YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo clone script that allows you to make and run your own free video sharing website with lots of advanced features. Enjoy and download your own free video site.

ClipShare Youtube Clone script


Clip-share | PHP | Commercial | Dailymotion | YouTube

Create your own video sharing community site just like YouTube, Dailymotion,Vimeo in no time with the ClipShare clone script. This script offers you a lot of offers and a minimum price, high quality features and everything that you are looking for in a video sharing website.

PHPmotion Youtube clone script


Phpmotion | PHP | Commercial | Dailymotion | YouTube

PHPmotion is an excellent feature rich clone of YouTube and Dailymotion that allows not only video sharing but also lets you create an audio sharing and mp3 sharing website in very less time.

Ez Broadcast - The Best Youtube Clone Script

Ez Youtube Clone

itechscripts | PHP | Commercial | Dailymotion | YouTube

Ez Youtube Clone is a fantastic YouTube clone script that will help you make your own video sharing website with cool features like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo.  

apptha-video sharing website script

Joomla HD Video Share

Now you can start your own video sharing website with no programming knowledge with this awesome feature rich Joomla HD video share script. In no time you will be able to set up a video site just like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

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