Flyimg is an incredible photo editing app that can do the magical resizing, cropping and compression of any image no matter how small its dimensions are. It compresses and resizes the image with MozJPEG compression algorithm. This can lets you build your own service like Cloudinary.

See how it works. Just upload an image from anywhere using a link or direct upload use it to resize, compress, cache and serve you can do that as quickly as you want it to perform.
The instruction are there to help you with the URLs and keys for cropping and compression. Flyimg fetches the photo that you can simple convert, store, cache and serve that. When you would request the same next time, the stored version will come unless you change it yourself.

Basic Requirement
The Docker needs to run on your machine. However, you can also use Docker machine for creating a virtual environment. It has been tested successfully on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.

How to transform images from anywhere

Just go to your server URL for uploading /upload/; then you could pass other options mentioned here, followed by an underscore and a value w_250,q_50 Options are separated by coma that is configurable to other separator.

Having done that just put the source of your image, it can be relative to your server or absolute or image URL: /

An example of face blur

For getting a cute kitten at 250 pixels wide, with 50% compression, you will have to write.,q_50/

Demo Application running