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PhotoFunia is a fun and entertained based website that allows you to change the background of your photos and add it to other interesting layouts for fun.


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professional website templates free download html with css 2020

2020s Most Professional HTML Themes Free To Download

Zilla Themes | PHP | Commercial | Free | Fotolog | Photobucket | PhotoFunia

There are tons of free HTML themes built with HTML5, latest CSS and Boostrap that one can get for free to use on websites. Choosing the right one is a problem. So one must look through them to choose the right one. We have collected best of 2020s free most professional HTML themes to download […]

Flyimg Photo Editing App

Flyimg | PHP | PhotoFunia

Flyimg is an incredible photo editing app that can do the magical resizing, cropping and compression of any image no matter how small its dimensions are. It compresses and resizes the image with MozJPEG compression algorithm. This can lets you build your own service like Cloudinary. See how it works. Just upload an image from […]

Thumbor – Free Open Source Alternative of Cloudinary

Bernardo Heynemann & Team | PHP | Open Source | PhotoFunia

An amazing smart imaging service thumbor is getting popularity being an open-source photo thumbnail service by Thumbor has crop, resizing and flipping image features enabled. If one is a newbie thumbor has smart feature to automatically identify area in the image to crop and resize for proper enhancement. Its state of the art feature […]

Fortune Shutterstock Clone

Freelancer Community | PHP | Commercial | ImageShack | Photobucket | PhotoFunia | TinyPic

This is a versatile script to help you to launch a stock photo like Shutter Stock. This software is written in PHP CodeIgniter framework. Anyone with basic knowledge in CodeIgniter can customize this product. You are most welcome to contact our programmers for any customization related requirements. Fortune Shutterstock Clone is a popular stockphoto script […]


Cover Vision

UnikScripts | PHP | Commercial | PhotoFunia

Tired of seeing your face just on the same profile cover of Facebook or Twitter? Get the services of a website that will make your own magazine cover. Yes, you can now become as famous as Justin Bieber or Leonardo DiCaprio… Help yourself with hundreds of magazine layouts that you can use to create your […]

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